DVDFab6 converting dvd's to Divx

ok, first off, I don’t know how to search for what I am going to ask. Please bare with me - I have several DVD players that also play Divx movies.

I bought DVDFab6 so I can turn my dvd’s into Divx movies to play on these players. I don’t know what I am doing wrong but I get audio but no picture on the tv. I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong.

I can use Divx 6 to convert them and they convert find - just so slow to do this. DVDFab 6 is much faster.

I have tried WinFF and it will convert but will not make all the .vobs as a single movie, but instead into 4 parts :frowning: .

Sorry, trying to learn, but there is so much information out here. Any help will be appreciated especially with DVDFab6 (I love it!).

To recap -

  1. I want to turn dvd movies into dixv to put on a usb stick to plug in my philips dvd player. I do not want to play on a computer.

  2. I am using DVDFab6 to convert the dvd to dixv.

  3. I am using all the default settings

  4. What I am getting is audio but no video.

  5. Thank you.

I think if you are using the default settings, it would be H264/Audiocopy, try Xvid/Audiocopy. A friend of mine was having the same problem, found out that H264 was too new for most DivX players.

There is a profile designed just for what you want to do. Try the one called [B]generic.avi.divx.audiocopy[/B]. DVDFab does not actually use Divx codecs but will write these files so that the player will think it does and (usually) play them without complaining.

Thanks Mates. I will try it tomorrow and see if I can make it right. I’ll let you all know.

Thanks Beef Barley and Signals! I found my error. And yes, generic.avi.divx.audiocopy works!!! Now I am bloody very happy. Cheers Mates.

I promise in the future, I will do more searching before asking. Found several threads below.