DvdFab6 BluRay chapters

Hi Guys,
I recently backed up Terminator Salvation BluRay and after using dvdfab6 program the stream file contains all the individual chapter files. Is there a reason it is doing this instead of it being the normal 1 file in total?
Can anyone give some assistance because i’m unsure how to put all these files into my ripbot program.
Any assistance is muchly appreaciated:) :doh:

the way I handle movies like that is use BDInfo to find out what play list file has the movie then import that play list into tsMuxer and it will put the movie into a single file

Is BDInfo a program?

yes you load the disc with it and it will give you a list of the play lists and tell you the length of them.

Thanks for your supporting. Welcome to contact DVDFab to solve your problem.