Dvdfab5 using nero to burn DVD



When using Nero 8 burning rom to burn a video in dvdfab5,
It only burns the Video_ts files. it dos’nt include the Audio directory.
How do you fix this?


Not sure what you are asking, there is nothing in the audio T’s folder it is always empty.


Although the audio directory is always empty, the burned DVD needs the directory to be there to be played in a dvd player.


Just add the folder manually before you burn and I believe the newer DVD players do not need that folder. You can use ImgBurn instead as the burn engine


I know I can add the directory to the nero compilation, but I am trying to burn it from the DVDfab program. DVDfab opens the nero burning software and burns the dvd automatically. It just doesn’t include the audio_ts directory.


I use Nero 7 and it adds that folder. try ImgBurn as I also use that and it adds that folder also. DVDfab can use ImgBurn you just need to install it onto the computer and set fab up to use it


I am using Nero 8, It must need a switch on the command line to burn empty directories. I need to know what the switch is?