DVDFab5 problem

I am using DVDFab5 ripping DVD movies to my computer. I have about 15 movies on DVD-RW’s but DVDFab5 won’t recognize them. Is there a way to get this done.

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Try disabling PathPlayer in DVDFab Common Settings.

In the event signals’ suggestion doesn’t work, we’ll need a lot more info from you.
[I]“I have about 15 movies on DVD-RW’s” [/I]
We have no idea as to what these are.
Were these movies downloaded? how?..what file format…? .avi,…?, etc., etc.

Good point. DVDFab only reads DVD-Video format content, i.e. not AVIs, MP4s etc. If these were recorded off TV on a standalone recorder, the PathPlayer setting may work.