DVDfab5 Install



Hi, I’m new to the forum and just purchased DVDFAB5, However, I’m having an install problem. I followed instructions in authorizing email with the following results.

  1. Installed DVDfab5 v5.0.22 via the DVDfab.net link.
  2. Clicked on Attached email key.
  3. Window indicated DVDFab5 was unlocked.
  4. Clicked desktop icon and DVDfab opens for 1-2 seconds and disappears.
  5. Tried reinstall several times with same result.

I’m running Win Vista Home Premium.
Some additional info…I had a prior trial version DVDFAB4 installed on the system at the time of DVDfab5 install. I removed it and tried several reinstalls with same result.


Try to download the program from www.dvdfab.com instead.


As the other member said download from
http://www.dvdfab.com/download.htm?vid=avangate&aid=689 the dvdfa.net website you downloaded from is in fact the NON-css version of DVDFab


Moved to DVD Fab forum :slight_smile: