DVDfab5 failed to burn

please help DVDfab5 keeps telling me failed to burn

Can you tell us a little more about your issue ?
What movie are you trying to backup ?
what brand of blank media are you using and at what write/burn speed are you trying to use ?
It would also help to know which DVDFab product you are using ?

i tired to copy the note book using dvdfab 5090 by customise spit and when i put a blank tdk in it told me failed to burn so i tried again and used averbatim dual layered disk and it burned the movie but it won’t play in the dvd player

It may not have worked with the TDK media because they are low quality and need to be burned at half the rated speed(16x)-> burn at 8x…
Verbatim media are second best and very good quality so not surprised it worked with that brand, if the DL discs are the +R type you may need to set booktype which can be done in common settings–>Write and put a check mark next to "Set booktype to DVD-Rom