Dvdfab5 error cannot read disc

I have dvdfab5 and on a couple movies it gets to about 30% read and then I get an reading error code my choices are to retry, ignore errors, ignore all errors or cancel. Nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?

If you have this issue on only a few DVDs then check for for fingerprints and or scratches on the playing surface, if they need cleaning try using a soft lint free cloth and wipe from the center hole to the edge in a straight line.
You can also try going into common settings -> “PathPlayer” and set it as disabled sometimes small scratches will cause this issue when PathPlayer is enabled, if all else fails you can go into common settings -> read and select "Ignore all read errors automatically.

Cleaned it and it didn’t work. Did the other 2 things and all is good. Thank you so much.

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