DvdFab5 Audio Problem

Hi, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me.

I am trying to copy a DVD to my hard drive using DVDfab 5 platinum. I have successfully copied DVDs with it before and had no problems. However the problems occur when I have multiple languages available on the DVD. I select the language I want but it does not copy it and I end up with a movie but no sound. However when I select the first audio option it copies this soundtrack.

I have identified in the settings that it says that the first multiple track will be chosen automatically in mobile option. On the top of the software it says DVDfab5 platinum opotion:mobile is there anyway of changing this, for I suspect this to be the problem?

Thank you for any help given. :smiley:

Is there nobody at all who can help me?

You might try the DVDFAB Forum, it looks like you are doing the movie only mode if so then you can right click on the preview window and select the audio and sub picture there also

Thank you, sorry I didn’t know there was a more appropriate place to put this thread.

Thanks Again :slight_smile:

No need to make a new thread. I’ll move this one to the DVDFab forum for you.