Hi,i have a question about dvdfab3.How does it works,does it removes all protection from dvd that im copying permanentli and why it uses my harddrive? Thanks


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thank you bot i cant open this link.the webpage no longer exist


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It’s a little complicated to explain.
Here’s the product (platinum) description and download link:
You can download the full retail version as a free 30 day trial…no obligation, it’ll simply stop working after 30 days if you don’t purchase it. This way, you can try it out, experiment with it, see for yourself whether or not it suits you.

Yes, it will remove all copy protection and make the disc region free…and yes, this would be permanent.

Copying on-the-fly (ie., disc to disc) predisposes burn errors. Ripping to the hdd first (like Fab) is preferable and allows for a more stable burn. This isn’t to say that no one has success copying on-the-fly, but ripping to the hdd is just a safer - albeit longer method. Depending on how you set up the application, the temp files can be auto deleted with a completed burn. Platinum is a very powerful program and has lots of configurability as you’ll discover.

Like I said, best to try it out for a while and if you have questions or problems, just post back.

Hope this helps.


thanks a lot for info,maybe you know any program that skips protection whitout removing it from the original dvd


No program removes it from the original DVD, the protection is not on the copy, it will always be on the original.:iagree:


If i read this right i think poster wants to keep protection on the copy like the original? 1:1


no i jast want to know, is the dvd remains protected after i make copy out of it using dvd fab 3 ?


Yes you [B]cannot[/B] strip it off. It stays there.


thank you,that what i needed to know.