I am SOOOO upset. It has been a little while since I’ve used my program. I paid for the lifetime DVDFab back around version 4 or 5… Apparently when 9 came out you have to re-enter your key or something and now I do not have access to what I paid for for a “lifetime”.

DVDFab customer service can’t seem to find me and of course I don’t have the original receipt.

This really sucks.



I also have the lifetime version but I decided not to ever go to version 9 as I don’t like the constant “phone home” aspect. This is necessary for BD but I’m not doing any BD.
It is also to verify the registration every time you open version 9.
I veiw this as DVDFab calls me a thief until they verify I’m not.

The version 8 I’m using is from June this year.
It should still work with the older registration key AFAIK.
It has for me.

If this version 8 works for you with the old key . That might get you by for right now.

If it does that is what I would email to DVDFab . That you updated version 8 & your old key worked. That you no longer can find you email receipt . Ask if there is a way to verify your lifetime subscription with the old key.
BTW You should always save the receipt email if at all possible.


Register on the dvdfab website members section using the email you purchased with and if you are in their system you can access your key online


thanks guys… i’ve been in contact with them, but they say they have no record of me on file. just frustrating. been using the last version 8, but can’t get my Iron Man 3 or Star Trek Into Darkness to rip. Won’t work on other software either



I edited your comment and removed the name of the other software, this is the DVDFab section.

Thank You for understanding