Hi, new to site. I am a novice on computers and trying to learn fast. I have decided to try and set up a home entertainment network. My thinking is and have purchased a maxter basics 1.5 TB storage device to put all my media on. A few days ago I down loaded DVDfab free so I could rip my DVD’s to my hard drive but then couldnt play them. I then bought Nero 9 for ripping and burning but they are all legal and I cant rip my bought DVD’s to my hard drive. I have since found out that when I use DVDfab to rip to my hard drive there is a small screen that allows me to watch the film and full size it. I am looking for software that will allow me to organize my files either on my hard drive or what ever uses the hard drive plus I would like to be able to have everything asphetically pleasing i.e. nice and easy to controle. I am loking at using home plugs to network my home but also what would I need at each T.V. to allow me to be able switch betwen T.V. , films, music etc.
Thanks. Dave

Welcome to the forum Dave :slight_smile:

I’m currently doing the same thing - backing up all my DVDs (in .avi format) to put on my external 1TB HDD. Storage is my purpose though, not watching. I name the files as I rip each DVD, so each is arranged alphabetically on the HDD.

What I’m using is the (paid) DVDFab Platinum to rip to .avi - but if I did choose to watch them, I’d use either Media Player, or the (free) VLC Player.

I’m not sure if the free version of Fab will rip to .avi, but if not then I’m sure there are some free options out there. Unfortunately I can’t think of any off the top of my head, though I know free alternatives exist.