WoW 3 movies in one month where you have to do something to the software just to get it back up No im not bitching but there is no answer why? i dont think in the last 3 years i had any movies not able to back up and i like a full movie back up not some Main Movie as it has been passed around in here for 3 days or less but there is no one saying Hey a update is coming yes i know but when? well if i get flamed so be it i just want some one to know i do care about the next update and ill be here ever hr to see if it is posted and FENGTAO i do love your work dont get me worng as you can see by my post i dont say much…:rolleyes: :cool: :eek: :o

Well when you own the movie it not really that big a deal if it takes a week or two for an update. Just be happy it does not take 2 or 3 months for an update to handle these movies