I just bought DVDFAB and copied a dvd. THe copy was successful but my computer and player can’t read the disc. Help.:sad:

First off what type media was it a - or +R disc and what brand also need a little more information other than my computer or player can’t read it , also a burn log would help

I’m using TDK dvd+R and a Dell Dimension E521 with Win XP. DVDFAB says disc copy successful using full disc copy mode. When I try to play the copy my dvd play say unreadible disc and the computer reads the disk as blank.

Please post a couple of items from the burn log, which can be found at C:\Documents and Settings…username…\My Documents\DVDFab\Log\ This is a text file that you can open with Notepad and copy and paste a few recent entries into a reply post.

if you havent already, please read the official guide.

i have a video showing what settings i use. these work best for me.

im sure this is not your first dvd program you have tried using. not knowing what else you have installed, uninstall what you dont need. then follow a nice guide from stormjumper for how to uninstall / reinstall dvdfab.