I am using DVDFab Platinum Express mode trial software. I have noticed that when I use DVDShrink, the back-up is 4.35GB. I have set the DVDR size to 4435mb. After I run DVDFab thru it the back-up is always considerably smaller(ex…3.84GB). Also, I have noticed that when I load some movies up it says Ready Quality 57%. Sometimes it says 100%. Is this something I need to be concerned about? The reason I am posting this is because I backed-up Lilo and Stich 2. I read on the case that this movie is 68 minutes long. When I got done watching the movie the counter was on 45 minutes. Did it shrink it too much? I was also not able to view some of the menu options. If I was able to view them…then there would be no sound. I also was not able to back-up the movie Sideways.

Welcome over here millertime. Fengtao can probably provide an answer your problem. I have never experienced that problem, but one time being impatient, I accidental loaded 2 copies of Express and that caused a similar problem. It may take a day or so due to time differences.


Hi millertime,

The quality is (Backup Size)/(Original Size), so 100% means no compression, 57% means about half compression.

For movie length problem, when you playback the original disc, if the time is 68 minutes long? Since compression will not change the time length.

For movie sideways, what’s the problem?

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I backed it up successfully. I use TMPGEnc DVD author to burn my back-ups. I put the disk in my dvd player and it just won’t play it. It’s a chick flick…so I really don’t need to back it up…don’t tell my wife though… :Z …lmao…I gave up on it sooooooo…no need to worry bro. Thanks for the other info…Your program seems to be working GREAT on other movies!!! :clap: :clap:

I am using DVDFAB Platinum, when copying the entire movie, some scenes are deleted. For example if the movie run time is 2 hours with 35 scenes, the movie will copy on 30 scenes. For the last three scenes it will put in the movie xtras or commentaries. Am I doing something wrong. I have noticed that if I copy only the main movie all of the scenes are copied.

I would recommend up-grading to This progrsm works great!! Like I said…the ONLY movie that has given me problems is Sideways…Thats why I’m not concerned yet.