DVDFAB - Xvid - several sound tracks?



Hi all,
I am new to the forum and the software here and found it pretty interesting so far reading through the postings. I bought my copy of DVDFab just yesterday and was wondering if it is possible, when converting to a Xvid to take more than 1 sound track to the Xvid. For example if a DVD has spanish and english sound tracks I would want to keep the two for my XVid?

Is this possible using DVDFab? This is my only problem so far, the rest is working really fine for me. A good piece of software in my opinion.


Welcome to this great forum that will help support the great software you have chosen. :slight_smile: Unfortunately, it is not possible to save multiple audio tracks using the DVD-to-Mobile modes. Sorry. You can of course save them all to a DVD type file on your hard drive but it’s only one to a customer for the AVIs. Same for subpictures (subtitles) that may be included with the movie.


Okay, thanks for the warm welcome and the nice answer.


You’re welcome and don’t be a stranger.:slight_smile: It may be possible to do what you want with stream demux/remux software but it is beyond my expertise to advise you and I don’t know if every player would be able to cope with it in any event. With the batch processing capabilities now built into the Mobile modes, you could process the same movie repeatedly to produce versions with different soundtracks in one sitting, if that would be a useful option.