DVDfab wont start

DVDFab ran flawlessly for about 10 rips, but upon the latest one it wont even start up. all that is said is that an internal error occurred. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but nothing seems to work, any help would be appreciated

melges hello and welcome to the DVDFab section of CD Freaks
Sorry no one has replied to your request for help on your issue until now :frowning:
Down below in my signature you will find some info on how to do a [B]clean[/B] uninstall of DVDFab, I do not know which operating system you are running BUT there is info on how to do this for XP and Vista.
After you do the uninstall PLEASE do a registry clean up and then a Defragmentation of your hard drive before re-installing of DVDFab :smiley: