DVDFab Won't Open 'Some' Merge Files



After doing some Merge files to my HDD using only one DVD, I am finding that when I then want to use that file as a souce in merge mode, DVDFab cannot open that file. :doh: . It is the same if I try to open that merged file in any of DVDFab modes ie. full, main, customize

The merge screen comes up but shows no information. I have found that it does not do this with all DVD’s.

One that does not work is the Dire Straits " On The Night" live DVD. One that has no problems is James Blunt’s “Live in concert at The BBC”.

Can anyone advise why. Is it the way the original DVD has its menu’s written?


What mode did you use to produce the HDD files from which the merge file was produced (or was it merged from disc)? Are the source files you used for the merge still available on your HDD? If so, try opening them individually with DVDFab or playing them with WinDVD (or other) player to see if perhaps one is corrupt. Remember that removing a disc merge source from its drive before the merge process completes will remove the associated titles from the merge list.


As I reread this today it seems I may have not fully understood the problem you are experiencing and my first reply may not have been quite on target for your problem (although everything in it is true). So I made a test merge today of short segments from 3 movies (1 chapter each) to a merge file on my HDD. Then I used this as a single source to merge with titles from two more sources, one already on HDD, the other still on disc, and it worked fine. Some concert DVDs do have unusual structures, but if DVDFab will analyze and copy them in the first place, there should be no problem using the merged titles as a source for a new merge. Generally, material that you are putting on HDD for use as a merge source should be created with Custoimize mode, selecting only the titles (and chapters within the titles) that you want and checking the button that says “No Menus…”. The menus are discarded and the complex concert disc IFO files are rewritten by DVDFab into a much simpler one for the Customized output file, which Merge should be able to use with no problem. I hope this is a little more on target and will give you something to go on as you work through the problem. Disclaimer: none of the sources I used in my test were concert DVDs. No time to search and test, but if you still have problems, I will find some concert DVDs with which to try it again. It still sounds like something went wrong inthe original merge of the first sources.


Hi signals, I was wondering if Fab can rip the audio off a DVD, and write it to a CD so I can play it in my truck ? And if so, how without getting too far off track here. If so, I’ll start another thread ok. Thank You. ~ Mike


Hey Mike! You haven’t pulled it any further off topic than my first reply!:wink: Lots of users ask about this and I have been experimenting with a way to do it. Will post something in the next day or so if I can convince myself it is reliable. Will require another piece of software(free) and will produce MP3s.


That would be awesome signals. I have a Live Bowie concert dvd that I love to watch and really wish I could listen to it elsewhere. I don’t know anything about MP3 though, so you’ll have to be patient ok, LOL. Sorry, inability. Thank you for the hope. ~ Mike


Hi Signals

I have tried putting the problem DVD onto HDD using Customize with no menus. Still the same problem. Tried using Full disc and main movie as well, with exactly the same results. Fab will not recognize the merged file. :confused:

To give you some more information, I have tried all sorts of different scenarios. The merged file on HDD plays on my PC fine and when burnt to a disc, plays in my standalone hometheatre DVD player. For some strange reason the merged file on HDD will open with no problem using DVDShrink.
I also have a DVD Audio Extractor program which I use to put all my concert DVD’s to MP3 or CD, this also reads the merged file perfectly. :doh: :doh:


Wow. I have NEVER seen a file that DVDShrink would read that DVDFab would not. Especially one that is already decrypted. You mentioned that you had burned the file to DVD. Will Shrink read it from the disc? What about DVDFab? DVDFab’s author may need the IFO files from the original disc and the HDD backup of the original (the one Fab won’t read) to sort this one out. One additional question: if you look at the files with windows (either HDD files or backed up to disc) does the structure appear OK, i.e. are the files in a VIDEO_TS folder and have a VIDEO_TS.IFO file and a VTS_0x.IFO file for each VTS0y_x.VOB file set (and a .BUP for each .IFO)? Still thinking.



Shrink reads the burned disc - DVDFab will not.

The structure of the merged file which DVDFab will not read is OK. Video_TS folder is there with the relevant VIDEO_TS.IFO’s, VTS.IFO’s and the BUP’s.

Please don’t waste to much of your time on this. When we get the Beta version with the 6 source problem sorted out then I will no longer need to do compilations this way. I am just going to hang in there till then.

Looking forward to the next release.

Thanks for the help and time :bow:


Sinals - Some more interesting info.

Nero Recode opened and burned the merged file perfectly.

DVDFab ‘Write Data’ recognised the merged video file and allowed me to convert to .ISO. But no information appeared on the screen - all boxes were empty.

Tried using the .ISO file as a source for merge - no luck, blank screen and empty boxes.


You are more than welcome, and I will be glad to carry on with this if you like. I am dumbfounded that Fab will not read your merged file. I’ve done it many times here for testing and other purposes. Very puzzled. If it will help, remember you can re-use a source many times in a compilation without re-loading it by selecting it with the drop down. Hope the >6 source beta won’t be delayed too much by the New Year celebrations in Beijing.:slight_smile: Post back if you find anything useful or would like to pursue this further.


Although I suspect it will open, try reading the ISO with DVDShrink if you haven’t deleted it.