DVDFab will not recognize the target media

Hello out there, gave Ghost Rider a rest and decided to try another dvd. FAB will read it but now it will not recognize my blank discs. Really getting frustrated with this message. :a Any suggestions? Please be kind, I am a newbie.

i have recently posted a question which sounds similar to what you are getting.


after you instert the blank disc wait for 10-20 sec after your drives busy light goes off. if you click to soon then you drive has not read the disc yet so dvdfab will think you still need to insert one.

if this does not work what brand and type of disc are you using.

hello, I am having the same problem! I put in a blank disc ( maxell-DVD+R - 8x-4.7GB-2hrs) and it says i dont have no media and if i wait and click it, it asks to select write speed and i tried all 3 options and nothing will work… what do i do? Please help.

Sometimes with all the opening and closing files, Windows will hide the drive between upper and lower filters. Run a good registry cleaner and check out cdgone from link in my sig.