DVDFab...what you may not know!

Just discovered this program the other day…did a search on this forum and the only references I found for it were from dvddiddle.com. However their is a freeware version of this program. the following is a cut and past from a post I made on ather forum the other day…

Don’t know how I missed this one. Just discovered it last night. This is an awsome little program. It lets you split dual layer discs into 2 single layer discs. This allows you to “back up” your movies without any compresion. In many ways this makes it superior to dvd shrink. I tested it last night and it works like a dream…plus its freeware. Check out the link below for a users guide and download links.


Not true. Shrink & CloneDVD have been able to do this for quite some time - ask if you’d like to know how!

How?? Is clone dvd free I thought you had to pay for it…I need to investigate this.

edit: definiatly payware, and pricy also…free, functional, and no compression = superior.

DVD Fab is “superior” in the sense that it splits the disqk in two AND preserves the menu on the first disk or on both disks if you choose so in the commercial version .
Clone DVD can’t spread a disk over 2 disks and Shrink doesn’t preserve menu when splitting a film.
I don’t think DVD Fab does any compression in the “free” and no longer supported version.

as i am comming from the standpoint that compresion is a fundimentialy bad thing, this is exactly why i like the free dvdfab. it allows me to back up dl disks to sl without compression. as to the pay version i don’t beleive it allows compression, but i don’t know. if i want/need compresion i will use dvdshrink.

CloneDVD can split on two discs very well while keeping the menu.

done a bit of reading on dvd clone and everyone who uses it seems to love it…but that price tag makes me shudder. not sure why considering what i spend on hardware. i guess it is because i have discovered that if i look hard enough their is always a free ware alternative. everyone likes to get something for nothing. or mabey, in part at least, i figure that since i went and bought the hardware it should come with the software that makes it work…probably a bit of both.

sorry for the ramble.

there are almost always freeware alternatives for everything when talking about software, but that doesn’t mean that payware has no place in the market. linux is free, but you still use windows. openoffice is free, but most people still use microsoft office. the list goes on and on; just because a piece of software isn’t free doesn’t make it unviable, and they can be more convenient to use than their free counterparts (although the same can also be true the other way around). most (if not all) of the functionality of clonedvd can be found in freeware alternatives, but clonedvd puts it all together into one package, which can help save time and can be easier to use than multiple programs.

as for the statement “no compression = superior,” this is subjective when it involves disc splitting. it’s true that no compression will look better, but that’s somewhat offset by the inconvenience of having to switch discs (as well as having to burn/store two discs). most people will settle for compression as long as the final product still looks good.

on a side note, “dvd clone” isn’t the same program as “clonedvd” (just to ensure that you’re reading about the right product).

oops my bad. i know the difference I just wrote it backwards. thxs for pointing that out. :o

i understand your point about payware. but as an aside, i only payed $15 for windows XP pro and $15 for office XP (legit)…so i even got them for almost next to nothing. i’m slick like that :bigsmile:

The faq still says this

Q I want to be able to split movies with out quality loss… (not dvd’s with episodes)

A This is indeed planned in a future release, but I doubt it’ll be used often. Nobody really likes swapping disks while watching. Most movies are “just a little bit” too big to fit on one DVD-R, so reducing the video just by 10-20% is really hardly noticable. Very long movies are a different story (Gladiator with DTS sound, lord of the rings, …) (source).

Could you clarify.
Can we now split a movie into two disc while keeping the menu ? Beginning which version ?


I believe splitting was introduced in CloneDVD2, so this was about April 2004 I would guess. Must be an old FAQ. Splitting always allowed keeping of the Menu. It is pretty cool, and I use it very often for long movies like Gladiator with DTS sound, lord of the rings, the Godfather, … :slight_smile:
I don’t mind swapping the disc, as I usually have to interrupt the movie at least once - either to pee, or to fetch something new to drink.
In Switzerland they pause normal length movies even in cinemas, probably to sell more popcorn & coke.
I have put the drive near my seat in my home, so I don’t have to go far to switch discs.
Splitting is very nice for discs containing 4 TV episodes, too. I put 2 episodes on one disc, 2 on another (both with menus). Recent versions of CloneDVD have the new option to remove unreferenced material in a “player friendly” way, now CloneDVD is really a “splitter’s dream”. I actually wanted this feature for my own personal use, because I have a very unforgiving projection system, but I still doubt that this feature is used often, because “usually” CloneDVD’s transcoder is enough and works very well, unless you compress “too much”.

Thank you Olli for the explanation. I’ll give Clonedvd2 a try because I remember havaing searched for the split feature to no avail a while ago.

Not sure all Swiss are keen on drinking coke though :wink:

edit : somebody might have the Clonedvd Faq in this forum changed .