DVDFab "WAV" Sample Rate



Hi Guys - I wanted to rip the audio from one of my Music DVD’s to put onto an Audio Cd. Using DVDFab 5095 the ripping went fine - or so I thought - until I tried to burn it to CD.

Using Burrrn and then trying Nero I got errors from both progs saying that the Sample Rate was 48000 and not 44100.

How do I change the output sample rate in Fab to be 44100 for WAV files. :confused::confused: OR must I now use another converting prog to change this???


You can change this with the new Profile Editor. At least you can for other the other audio compressors. Which profile are you using for the wav output? Close DVDFab, open Profile Editor and select the one you are using, make changes (if permitted) in the sample rate on the lower right hand side, save the profile with a new name.


Hi Signals - thanks for the info and pointers. I got into Profile Editor and managed to create another profile with the 44100 sample Rate.
I think there is more wrong with the audio rip process than I initially thought. The resultant file shows that the bit rate was at 352kbps and not the expected 1411 as it should be for 44100. The length of the file - in time - says the track is 19 minutes long. It is only 4.24 minutes.
I checked all the other rips I did previously - the ones I did this post about - and they are also 16 to 30 minutes long. Crazy.
Did a new rip with the original DVDFab setting at 48000 and the track is also some 22 minutes long.
My Cd write progs kick these files out totally.
If I run the files created by DVDFab through a convetor prog (I have Xilisoft) and rip to WAV format at 44100 the files then come out perfectly. :confused::confused:


Hi SMac, good to see you around again. :slight_smile: Tell me which device/ root profile you are using for this so I can try it myself and see what it does. I don’t use WAVs for anything so I’ve never tried it.


Signals - thanks again. I am in office now and don’t have Fab loaded. I will get back to you later on when I am back at home. I am in South africa so we have quite a time difference.
Chat later.


Hi Signals
Just got in - updated to 5098 and here are the devices etc I used.

DVD To Mobile - Generic - Generic.Audio.wav.
Bottom left corner gives me Audio Format : pcm Bitrate : 1536.

Mouse hover over the ripped track gave me Bit Rate: 384
Right Click on file - properties gave me Bit Rate ; 384, 16Bit, 2 Stereo, 48khz.

This file in BURRRN showed a time of 14minutes 46 seconds. File size is 40.5 mb.