DVDFab & Wall-E

I just bought Wall-E and want to make a backup before my kids get at it. I’m using DVDFab Platinum When I pop Wall-E into the drive it comes up as being 61,265 MB! (It’s not BlueRay.) Anyone know why this is happening and/or have a solution?

To do this movie, you need to update DVDFab.

I thought I was at the most recent version but it seems they released a new version a few days ago… I guess my “check for updates” function isn’t working properly.

Anyway, I upgraded to version and I’m getting the exact same problem.

Any other ideas? Or has anyone successfully made a backup of Wall-E?

Hi Penguin64,

Please enable “PathPlayer” in Settings to see the result.

If it still doesn’t work, please post “DVD Info” in Settings, thanks.

Best Regards,

fengtao, you da man! I’m not sure what PathPlayer is or what it does but that resolved the issue. I’ve started the burn process now… hopefully it works out. Thanks!


You are welcome :slight_smile: