DVDFab Voume too Low

I have recently started using DVDFab to get my dvdsonto a hard disk for playback on my Archos and WDTV.

I have ripped about 20 or so DVDs. But when I playback them the volume is too low. Is there a way to increase the volume? I use default settings to copy main movie.



Have you tried to copy Full disc to see if you still have the volume problem as you do on main movie?

I do nothing but Full disc rips and then I stream them to my Xbox 360 and have no problem with the volume. Also have you checked the volume settings on your TV, Archos and WDTV?

If you are using one of the DVD to DVD copy modes, DVDFab does nothing to the audio streams, they are exactly the same volume as the original. The DVD to Mobile profiles that do not use “Audiocopy” allow you to increase the volume (except for VOB Passthrough, which is also an exact copy of the audio stream on the original DVD). It is not clear to me which type of copy you are making. You must have the Cinema plugin for the Archos.

Thanks guys. I am using DVD to DVD mode. I have not tried the full disk mode but will try and see. Even playback on my computer has low volume.



And yes I am using the cinema plug for my archos.