DVDFab Virtual Drive is out (12-3-11)

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From DVDFab Virtual Drive, it can mount a new image format (.miniso). With this small helper file, DVDFab Virtual Drive can simulate a Blu-ray folder to a Blu-ray disc.

What’s .miniso file?
Let’s make it simple: a normal ISO image file contains two parts: image header and all folders/files. We can think of the .miniso file as the ISO image header, so we can simulate the normal ISO using it with the folders/files.

Why we need a new image format (.miniso)?
Some Blu-ray player software like PowerDVD cannot play Blu-ray folder. After mounting the .miniso file in DVDFab Virtual Drive, PowerDVD will be happy to play the Blu-ray folder content.

How to create .miniso file?
You can use the latest version of DVDFab “Blu-ray Copy” to create the .miniso file when copying Blu-ray disc to a folder.

How much disk space does .miniso file need?
Only 1-2 MB, very small compared to normal iso file.

Download latest version of DVDFab Virtual Drive

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Thanks Ant :flower:

Thanks Ant :flower:

Thanks Ant. :flower: