DVDFab video converter



I have DVDFab 8 v8.0.0.5
Intel Celeron 3.46GHz
2Gig Ram
256 Mb Ati x1050 AGP
Win 7

Every time I try to convert MKV to AVI it crashes during conversion. Sometimes at 10% and sometimes it makes it halfway thru. Any solution to this?

Could someone move this to proper thread please?


Would you post a logfile located in document-dvdfab-logs


It seems that the reason it crashed was because i didn’t use proper settings. I tried again with different settings and it didn’t crash. But I had no video, only audio. So I think I need to get the proper settings for converting MKV to AVI for it to work. Unfortunately, I’m new to this and don’t know where to begin. What size, audio driver such as acc or mp3, etc, avi hd 264 or avi common, video driver such as divx or xvid, etc. I believe once I get the proper combination it should work.

I am also new to DVDFab. These are my settings:

Device = avi - generic.avi.divx, audiocopy
Output Type = video + audio
Fixed bitrate = 1056
Frame Resolution = 720x306
Frame Rate = 23.976 (I think this is US standard, not sure)