DVDFab v9.2.3.8 Beta Released

New!DVDFab Beta is out!


What’s New:

[li] New: Added the support for some new Java protections.[/li][li] New: Added the conversion profiles for iPhone SE and SAMSUNG Galaxy S7.[/li][li] New: Added the support to remove Cinavia watermarks found on The Last Witch Hunter and Ouija.[/li][li] New: Added the support to delay or position external subtitles in the Creator option.[/li][li] Fix: A problem that the Cinavia removal solution failed to work when converting Blu-ray to DVD.[/li][li] Fix: A problem that the AC-3 audio tracks could not be set as default playback audio when converting file sources for Apple TV.[/li][li] Fix: A problem that DVDFab failed to open some .ts files in certain cases.[/li][/ul]


MD5: E202A8DFC1CF02F8382EBE83858E9A24
SHA1: EAF0F40DFE7F7E5306F0F03745C7D7819160B364
CRC32: BD670C56

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THX for the info,signals ! :slight_smile:

Thanks for update. Question remains ?? Where it say remove Cinavia, is it for Blu-ray or standard. As we all know by now l have been asking when remove Cinavia is coming for standard DVDs but so far all l get as a reply is soon. So when l see it say remove Cinavia, it 90% of the time it does mention Blu-Ray and other times it does not say for which one, Blu-Ray or Standard. Just my 2 cents