DVDFab v9.2.2.7 Beta (Win) Released



New!DVDFab Beta is out!


What’s New:

[li] New: Added the multi-language support to the Meta Info feature.[/li][li] New: Added the support to remove the Cinavia watermark in the Blu-ray theatrical version of Ted 2.[/li][li] New: Added the support for some new copy protections as found on some Japanese DVDs.[/li][li] New: Added the H.265 decoder support to NVIDIA GTX 950/960 video cards (driver version 361.43 is required) on Windows 10.[/li][li] Fix: A problem that the Meta Info failed to upload if a Blu-ray Volume Label contains special characters.[/li][li] Fix: Some minor changes and improvements.[/li][/ul]

MD5: F07A2AFFAA22CC3400D8711F3A5B4410
SHA1: B57AAD5C604CA11BD93DA255FF5C0A1D50DE9A6C
CRC32: 129928EA


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