DVDFab v9.2.1.0 released



New! DVDFab is out 20 August


What’s New:

[li]New: Added support for new Java protections.


MD5: B7E22B2368DBAED3DAFD46F5327109E8
SHA1: B5E8B750B041C87FD495DE48E875092DCD897F8B
CRC32: 56CA1873


Thanks for the Link signals


Clicked on the link provided and MacAfee(excuse the spelling) pops up telling me that the file is corrupt. Haven’t had this before… Safe?


It showed no problem here


THX for the info signals! :slight_smile:
No problems here either with the download…:disagree:


Nor here. The MD5 for the original file is posted in the release announcement, you can verify it with that.