DVDFab v9.2.0.0 is out



New! DVDFab is out 18 May 2015


[li]New: Added the support for new Java protections.
[/li][li]Fix: A crash problem when opening DVD source “Monsters University”.
[/li][li]Fix: A problem that the output video bitrate is 1 kbps when converting DVD sources in certain cases.


MD5: 3C5A52B48EF8529F78AE2E192F068638
SHA1: 23653961C021C622CEFB21BF82A54171B2C3323F
CRC32: A4C79CD0


MD5: 154314DB595488167E61864FFBF9426A
SHA1: 1ECE6CC6620B4ED7EF7246F4DDD80EC505974D26
CRC32: FCA952B7


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Hi Bean and MyCE friends

FYI the Java updates in Fab and Passkey provide Full Disc mode support for Mortdecai BD.


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If you use the Ripper module, please do not download v9.2.0.0, users have reported and the staff has confirmed a bug in the Auto crop feature that results in output errors. A new release, v9.2.0.1, will be out shortly to correct the problem.


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