DVDFab v9.1.7.9 is out



New! DVDFab is out!
11 December 2014

Get it here: http://www.dvdfab.cn/mlink/download.php?g=DVDFAB9

[li]New: Added support to trim a video for multiple clips in Ripper and Video Converter.
[/li][li]Fix: Improved playback compatibility in DVD to Blu-ray Converter and Blu-ray Creator.
[/li][li]Fix: A problem that the copied result of the registered DVD to Blu-ray Converter still has the watermark in certain cases.
[/li][li]Fix: A failure when converting Blu-ray to mkv.passthrough in certain cases.
[/li][li]Fix: A problem that the video bitrate is different from what is set when converting to mp4/mkv H265 in certain cases.
[/li][li]Fix: A subtitle display problem after converting DVD sources to mp4/mkv with remux or idx/sub subtitles in certain cases.
[/li][li]Fix: A problem that DVDFab could not open some file sources in certain cases.
[/li][li]Fix: An A/V sync problem when converting DVD to mkv.passthrough in certain cases.
[/li][li]Fix: A problem that the frame rate is wrong when opening DVD source in certain cases.
[/li][li]Fix: A problem that the converted video still retains the black bars after selecting “Auto Crop” in certain cases.
[/li][li]Fix: Some minor changes and improvements.

MD5: 5B449DF77F28D1D00FDE2777CE077B4F
SHA1: 3888F123FDB11DB7E1144F95095D8FABAA4436EA
CRC32: F9BA3773

MD5: 258AE4E8D41CDFB4E324882E85F72FAB
SHA1: BEDC30FB0B113305AB4FD9DCA0CC5D1426A0DE96
CRC32: 08C20C2C


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