DVDFab v9.1.7.3 Beta (Win)



New!DVDFab Beta is out


What’s New:

[li]New: Added “Merge” feature in DVD Ripper and Blu-ray Ripper.
[/li][li]New: Improved “DVD to Blu-ray” feature.
[/li][li]New: Improved H265 (HEVC) conversion in Ripper and Video Converter.
[/li][li]Fix: Added “Crop automatically” option back.

MD5: 6D9675FEE89A6DB4FB53EF380442D7C4
SHA1: 1129189570DB5EE624BBFE4F7FD826B08FD5B57D

MD5: 20E80A2692C35576B6D62D65795D9802
SHA1: ACD47278C82C14A8276799CADF48A4DCB863CB34
CRC32: 6F49A7B8


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Okay , for those of you that do not read the changelog I want you to re read it. There is something very interesting there,

[B]DVDFAB beta[/B]
[B]Improved H265 (HEVC) conversion in Ripper and Video Converter.[/B]

If you all haven’t been paying attention to the latest HEVC H265 codec, you should be. In DVDFAB there is a new feature in the Ripper,
Go into advanced setting after you have loaded your disc and choose H265 .mp4 or H265 .mkv, then choose Fast Speed, and lower the resolution to about 1280X720. Let me know how you make out.


A few tips on this new setting:

[li]This is a choice that will reduce conversion time and output size dramatically, but there is no free lunch, the video quality is not as good as what is available with the other settings.
[/li][li]A 2+hour h264 Blu-ray will require about 2 hours to convert, less on some PCs, more on others. The title Snowpiercer was a little over 500 MB in size with 2-channel AAC audio.
[/li][li]On a few systems, you may need to reboot your PC after installing v9.1.7.3 Beta for the new setting to work correctly.
[/li][li]Acceptable Source formats are original disc, BDMV folder or ISO (as for all other Fab Copy-Ripper modules).
[/li][li]It is free to anyone with a Blu-ray Ripper license.

To clarify, it works on DVDs as well as Blu-rays.


I am using a disc for my testing. I will however try an .iso also.


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