DVDFab v9.1.5.5 Beta (Win) is out



New!DVDFab Beta is out (June 23, 2014)


Note: The latest NVIDIA driver version 337.88 has some compatibility problems when converting with CUDA in DVDFab. Please roll back to the old driver version 334.89 or 335.23 if you are using the device (GTX 640/650/660/670/680/690/750/760/770/780/TITAN) that supports CUDA 3.0/3.5/5.0. Our developers and NVIDIA engineers are checking the problem. Thanks!

[li]New: Improved support for DVD copy protections.
[/li][li]New: Added support to add customizable watermark in Ripper and Video Converter.
[/li][li]New: Improved Trim and Crop features in Ripper and Video Converter.
[/li][li]Fix: A failure problem that DVDFab could not detect IQS GPU with Intel® HD Graphics driver version 3621.
[/li][li]Fix: A freeze problem when compressing Blu-ray Full Disc to BD25 in certain cases.
[/li][li]Fix: A bad video problem when playing back the converted mp4/m4v files in iTunes in certain cases.
[/li][li]Fix: A failure problem when converting Blu-ray with DTS-HD Master Mono audio track selected in Ripper.
[/li][li]Fix: A failure problem when converting with protected ISO source in Ripper.
[/li][li]Fix: A failure problem when converting with 2-pass encoding method in Ripper.
[/li][li]Fix: A problem that the copied movies only have menus when backing up DVD main movies with command line.
[/li][li]Fix: Some minor changes and improvements.


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