DVDFab v9.1.5.1 Beta (Win) is out

New!DVDFab Beta is out (June 07, 2014)


[li]New: Added support to export BD info in Blu-Ray Copy. (Common Settings -> Blu-ray -> Blu-ray Information. Note: This feature is available only when outputting to BD50 in Full Disc and Clone.)
[/li][li]New: Added support to CUDA 5.0 devices (e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750) and improved the performance of Lightning Shrink . Note: To get higher conversion speed, you need to update the nvidia graphics driver version 334.89 or higher.
[/li][li]Fix: A freeze problem when compressing Blu-ray source to Full Disc BD25 in certain cases.
[/li][li]Fix: A size problem when converting 3D Blu-ray full disc to SBS 3D format in certain cases.
[/li][li]Fix: A subtitle output failure problem when converting with external subtitle in Ripper and Video Converter.
[/li][li]Fix: A conversion failure problem when ripping Blu-rays to device profiles with “Remux subtitle output” option enabled in certain cases.
[/li][li]Fix: Improved conversion process in BD Creator.

THX for the info,signals!:slight_smile:

Does the 1st link work in the USA? Is that the non USA version? I am not going to try it.

Well I cant get either link to download can anyone else.?

Try it again, there was a server problem, should be normal now, it is for me.

Quick question: Despite showing updates in this version for various Blu-ray functionalities if I still can’t decrypt a Blu-ray disc with it in the U.S. anymore I’d only use this update if I already had other decrypting software (i.e. anydvd hd) only using this to burn the already decrypted disc? I’d love to know how and where to continue downloading updates that would grant me decrypting abilities for my U.S. version if it’s possible.

There is a FAQ on the DVDFab website that discusses this, http://www.dvdfab.cn/how_to_do_disc_decryption_faq.htm#how_to_faq Due to the current issues, I can’t say more than this, sorry. I hope no one else will discuss it publicly, it would just be more ammo for the opposers of DVDFab.

I figured as much. So now despite renewing my Blu-ray license for another year I’m really only getting DVD copying software. I could copy a Blu-ray with DVDFab but only after using AnyDVD (or the likes) which is pricey and doesn’t have an all-in-one capability of ripping and burning like DVDFab for DVD does. I’ll probably break down and get AnyDVD anyway because I could watch Blu-Rays on my desktop’s non-HDCP compliant monitor supposedly. I have a bad feeling that now that DVDFab is being successfully limited it would definetly happen with the next most popular software on their list right after I buy AnyDVD. I get your point about not discussing too much and edited this post; you’re right.

I think the FAQ has some free solutions, thanks for understanding.

Thanks signals. :flower: