DVDFab v & previous : Split DVD by chapter to PSP audio sync issue (for playback on Walkman)


I purchased DVD Fab Platinum many weeks ago (a version 4) and have just downloaded the latest to see if this latest release sorted out an audio sync issue I have had since I bought it.

I am trying to encode DVD’s to play back on my Sony Walkman which plays videos in MP4 format and I found that the psp.mpeg4 setting works on the Walkman.

I need to split main movies by chapter and DVdFab Platinum has this feature (that’s why I bought it). However, since the version I bought to this latest one the audio/video is only in sync on the first chapter and the sync is out on all the rest.:sad:

Has anyone found a way to resolve this audio sync issue as it’s really doing my head in.:doh: Even though DVDFab Platinum should do it as that’s what it’s made for a quick fix work around would suffice in the short term until the actual feature works.:eek:

Thanks in advance.



I played around a bit with DVDFab and found that if I save individual DVD chapters using the “Advanced Title Settings” as VOB files then each chapter seems to keep it’s audio/video sync.

And then if I convert these individual chapter VOB files into the appropriate PSP format for my Walkman then the audio/video sync is OK.

So my initial observation that I made to DVDFab is still correct - the audio/video sync problem seems to only happen when you select the “Split by Chapter” Option, but if you do this task manually then the sync is OK.

I’ll report this to DVDFab and see what they have to say.