Dvdfab updates



regarding the dvdfab updates
should the update be downloaded over the existing software
or should i uninstall what is on the computer and then download
the update

thank you


Hi sammd70,

Just go ahead and install the new version “right on top”. No need to uninstall unless you’re reverting to a previous version or have some other issue.
It’s a good idea to save the download to the hdd prior to installing in case you need to revert. It takes very little space to archive…Fengtao does not make previous versions available for download


thanks a lot


Sure thing…glad to help.


@ maineman, how many do you archive ? I’m just curious. ~ Mike


I realise I wasn’t asked on this but wanted to add my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Generally I only keep 3 (or 4) versions. My view being, that a 3rd version change will have much more in terms of content than the last couple so it’s probably not so easy to downgrade if you need too.

I guess it’s for personal choice at the end of the day and disc space but really don’t see the need for keeping many, many versions.

I’ve also found that DVDFab is very frequently updated so even if you do want to keep them all then leave enough room.

Best Asbac


[quote=astone2665;1998510]@ maineman, how many do you archive ? I’m just curious. ~ Mike[/quote]I have back to beta on this machine and back to 2.9.?.? on the older (retired) desktop PC. I think MMan keeps a pretty good backlog too.


[QUOTE=astone2665;1998510]@ maineman, how many do you archive ? I’m just curious. ~ Mike[/QUOTE]
Hey Mike,

Sorry to be so long getting back to you…just seeing your post now.
I’ve archived pretty much all of 'em back through platinum 2.xxx.,
most of the hd decrypter too, although I don’t now why, I never use it
There are probably a few I’ve missed over the last 3 years…vacations, etc.
Space isn’t a concern…I run 4 hdds, plus an ext clone of my system hdd, so I have in excess of a terabyte of hdd space.

Funny…I remember when an 85 MB seemed huge!
I had 2 MB of RAM on my 386 and bought another 1 MB of RAM for $100…man I was flying soooo fast , I was gettin’ dizzy…:bigsmile:


Thanks maineman and signals for your input. I wasn’t sure if I should or not. I guess I’ll start a seperate folder to keep them in. I know maineman, my first HP computer was a 533 mg. cpu with 64 mg. of ram. Added a 128 mg. chip and like you, thought I was flying. Now I’m running 2 gigs. of PC3200. Were cooking now, lol ~ Mike