DVDFab Update/New Release Question



I am looking at purchasing DVDFab5 as the current DVD backup software I am using is no longer supported. I understand from DVDFab’s Customer Support that it currently only supports copying Blu-ray disks to the hard drive and not burning them, but a version that writes Blu-ray disk is “coming soon”. My question is, if I purchase DVDFab5 now, will that version be included in my year of free updates or will an additional purchase be required?

If an additional purchase is required, is there an estimated release date for the new version with Blu-ray writing capability?


As of now Dvdfab plat is planning stages and not fully implemented. Your best option for future questions specific to dvdfab is to email fentago and ask them. I think I read somewhere you can use either Dvdfab plat or Slysoft AnyDVD to copy or rip to HDD and use imgburn to burn to BD media. But you might have to do some search for those threads.


From 2 weeks ago in the words of the developer himself:

[QUOTE=fengtao;2163694]Dear all,

We will support Blu-ray in the future, that’s what we can say for now.

Best Regards,

Here’s the referenced thread:
Fengtao, Is There Ever Going To Be Blu-ray Support?

Hard to predict the business model. Fengtao may not know himself at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised if he offers BR as part of Platinum’s bundle…at least for a period of time…much like he did with DVD Mobile.
Still, it’s all speculation until Fengtao releases the info.