DVDfab update for Tarnsformers 2

Hi all, I have DVDfab platinum (option:mobile) that I was able to dl from (Removed by SJ). I’ve tried to rip transformers 2 doing the title 47 way but it doesn’t rip the whole movie. I think I need an update but when I go to DVDfab the newer version dls onto my pc as a seperate version in which my trial has expired :sad:. Is there any way to update my version even though it was a torrent?

Thanks for any help!

Hi LewAshby
Welcome to the forum :smiley:

I have removed the location that you downloaded an illegal copy of DVDFab, unfortunately for you we do not give help on illegal copies of software aquired through torrent downloads or other illegal means, if you like the program and want help on a DVDFab product then I suggest you buy it…

Please read the forum rules to which you have agreed to when you joined MyCE/CD Freaks.

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