Dvdfab under WINE


I’m Linux User and i have a question; Can DVDFab works using Wine?? (windows emulator for linux)

Now is impossible make security backups from newest DVDs in Linux, due to the new copy protections.

DVDFab for Linux in near future?

P.D: Sorry for my bad English, but I speak Spanish

I need DVDFab in my linux box, does it works with Wine or another software for linux that creates a Windows environment?.

I have the same problem that Marceloramone, maybe DVDFab for linux it´s better hehe ;).

Well, i have the same problem too!, now we are three guys with linux that can not run DVDFab properly as in the WS enviroment.

I’ve tried using wine doors and wine also but never with success, it’s just impossible… do you plan to release a linux version in a future?

See ya

I never saw anything pertaining to DVD Fab Platnium running on a Lixux OS.:disagree:

Alan maybe they want some cheese with their Wine.

But seriously it would be nice :iagree:

It seems that there is only one. :cop:

now we are three guys with linux

It seems that there is only one

Three guys, not one…

Sh4ka and me have the same IP 'cause we work in the same office…

Every Linux user have the same problem to backup newest dvds, for that reason we are requesting some how to about run DVDFAB with Wine or, a better option: DVDFab natively developed for Linux…

When you get caught with your pants down-you should at least have clean undies on-Alan would not have posted otherwise.

Please do not insult my intelligence. Now go about your business. There is no support for Linux. Next question.:iagree:

Really i don´t understand the position of moderator, shaka and me are different guys… I don´t know what is the problem with linux, it seems that you can´t resolve our problems.

When you get caught with your pants down-you should at least have clean undies on-Alan would not have posted otherwise.

I don´t understand the meaning of the pants down,but it seems that you don´t know the meaning of respect.

My intention writting here was telling you that me and people who works with me here in the office thinks that DVDFab it´s the better solution for ripping dvd´s, and we want to see it working in linux, with wine or even better in linux directly. I never thought that your response was that.

At least your english got better-Just a question do you even own Fab?Why not use a dual boot on your computer(linux/windows)problem solved.Please share this with sebas333 and sh4ka

Well, I’m not certainly in their office :wink:
But, I’ve been actively trying to get DVD Fab running under wine for a few months now, with not much progress. I’ll keep at it, and let you all know If I ever get a breakthrough.

I am dual-booted with XP pro, but I rarely reboot, but I may need to just build a Windows VM if new discs come out that RI4M dont cover.

I will talk with developers about the idea of develop DVDFab for linux, in my opinion it will be considered by them… because DVDFab is the only way for ripping encrypted dvd´s

Well, Fab is great, but its not the only way to rip encrypted DVDs. There are Slysoft products, RI4M as noted previously, and a few others. I’m not sure how far you’ll get with “developers”, since the source belong to feng tao & co.

I have also been trying to get DVD Fab working with Wine, no luck yet. The program will install and open. I just can not get it to find my drives when protected DVD’s are present, it does work when a non-protected disc is in the drive. So far R4Me is still going strong for now.

I have the same problem with DVDFab under Wine :frowning:

well “feng tao & co.” do frequently visit this forum.

Install VirtualBox for your linux distribution and then install your Windows OS version in VirtualBox (you will need a new Windows’ license).

It is slower than in a native windows installation though.

I have been using DVDFAB Gold 3.2.01 in Ubuntu 7.10 with Wine setup for Windows XP. It has worked great for me, just a little bit slower, than in Windows XP. I am using an old Toshiba 2x drive. I tried to put a faster drive in, but I would get burn errors, even when I set the drive down to the slowest speed it could burn, 8x. I just tried to install version 4, and it installed, but I can’t register even after downloading the new version 4 key. I guess I will stick with 3.2 on this machine. You might try running DVDFAB with different Windows versions in Wine. I had to play around with that before it would work. Good Luck.

Hi guys

Just checking if there has been any changes on this. I’m currently as XP user but am considering changing to Ubuntu so would be good if I could still use DVDFab or an equivalent software.