DVDFab UHD Cinavia Removal Released


As the world’s first complete and permanent 4K UHD Cinavia removal solution, DVDFab UHD Cinavia Removal can help remove the notorious Cinavia watermarks planted in the audio tracks of most 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs.

The result is that users can watch the backups on any 4K Blu-ray playback devices that come with a Cinavia detector, without being muted in the middle of playback. Most importantly, Cinavia-free audios are, in terms of quality, as genuine and lossless as the original.

Learn more here: https://www.dvdfab.cn/uhd-cinavia-removal.htm


What a Joke another a run for Money i already paid for the Cinivia package now the SOBs want more Money I am through with Fab.

I did buy the last one the UHD to Bluray but I will be damned if they will get another cent out of me ever.

I bought this AIO October 2017 and have paid for the new modules that come out which now amounts than more than I paid for DVDFAB AIO.to begin with what a shady outfit.


All AIO users can buy new released product at 50% off at member center.


yea what a great deal anyone who buys the lifetime AIO for the first year should get any new products in the AIO free of charge.

Since I bought the AIO package last October 2017 you have added new modules and I bought the last one too which was UHD to Bluray so with the new modules since October 2017 that I have paid for if I purchase this one I will have paid more than what the AIO costs.

Why don’t you do something nice run this by the sales dept. charge all AIO lifetime users a yearly fee for any new moudules for lifetime when they come out that would make me happy and bring in a lot more $$ than your current model which pisses me off to no end I already bought the cinavia package now you want with the 50% off another 62.00 Not going to happen.

Anyone who buys the AIO lifetime should get any new Modules for the first year or at least 6 months.


I can understand Fengtao’s business model,although it’s not that great for lifetime AIO customers… :bigsmile:
They have to create a way to get a recurring income to keep their company alive,but IMHO,the addon modules should be more reasonably priced…


Everyone in this business that sells AIO or Lifetimes are losing money. Fab has an enormous payroll and server costs, plus one of the best marketing depts in the business. All that costs money. I am shocked they offer AIO licenses to begin with. Its the same with other companies in this business, They all lose money on lifetime licences.


I’m sure it is definitely known today by everyone in that business.

The question is did people know this back in the 2000s decade? Especially when the dvd market was in its peak heydays.


I know that and i have supported the company but the price even with the 50% discount for the UHD Cinavia price is way to high.

I just purchased the last one a few days ago UHD to Bluray after I said I wouldn’t they could treat their customers better that have purchased the AIO for the first year that is my Gripe.

Great program but like I said with the discounts and extra modules I have purchased since last October amount now than more than I paid for the AIO …Great for them not so much the end user.:rolleyes:


Go and download DVDFab x64, Just posted it LOL. Its good.

@jcroy No, I do not think they did, I also didnt think they thought this business would be as popular as it became in the 2005 to 2018 era. Much more work, Cinavia removal, UHD, and 100s of other factors that go into making a profit of software. Its much more complex than it was back in the day. Now you have the option of not buying it. But most would pay whatever they had to within reason to obtain it.



Within reason being the correct wording. :rofl:

The last thing I want is to see Dvdfab go belly up and I do support them but even with the 50% discount for lifetime is still over $62.00 and they can only remove cinavia from a handful of discs.

The cinavia module for bluray still can’t remove Cinavia from Resident evil afterlife and they have had a long time to get it done.

Enough of my complaining I just am not buying this Module unless they lower the price which is my where I stand Today maybe I will feel sorry and buy it anyway after I get done complaining about the price.


I have DVDFab which contains lifetime Cinavia removal. If I download the latest updates will I still
be able to remove Cinavia from infected Blu Ra movies? I know there are very very few blu ray movies that are infected with Cinavia. In fact I have not found one in quite a while.



Yes you will the new Module is for UHD Bluray movies.