DVDFAB trouble

I have used dvd fab flawlessly for a long time now but have been frustrated recently with an error code and a program that no longer functions. I have used system restore twice, going back over 2 months to try and correct the problem with no success. I have reloaded the program each time and again, no success. the error is as follows: error Write error at 16 (16) - Code 05 21 00 [Illegal request, LBA out of range] Does anyone know what’s wrong with the program?

Post a log…same error for others was a firmware issue…

Ditto on t0nee1’s request re: a burn log. It would help a great deal.
Besides updating your firmware, have you cheched on your DMA mode?

Yoy do not mention what version of DVDFAB you are using why not try the latest version of DVDHD FAB DECRYPTER maybe that might be of some help to you?------------------SILVERSURFER--------------------

Thanks to all… At least I have a place to start… I can’t remember how to update firmware… I only did it once many years ago… Yah… I guess I sure am a newbie… Thanks again… Kryton

What is the Drive? Safest way is in safe mode making sure there is no disc in drive.

Moving to DVD Fab forum…

I figured out the firmware update…(duhhhh!) It worked like a charm. Also, DVD Fab has a DMA reset function in it! (double duhhhh!) Thanks a million! Kryton2725

:cool: Glad to hear you’re up and running.