DVDFab trial?

I just recently used DVDFab as a trial version and it let me back up the movies that has the copyright protection and was the main reason I bought it because my kids will destroy my dvds… anyway, after I purchased it online I went to use it and it says that it can’t copy the dvd, what is this, why did the trial verison let me use it and now it don’t … any help will be helpful

Did you download it from here?


Hi Kingsean74 and welcome
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[QUOTE=iamjustme;2178398]ok dont even know what to put this under, had trial use of DVDfab and once I bought it I could NOT burn movies whats up with that? css proctections[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=maineman;2178410]Sounds like you inadvertantly dowloaded the wrong application…that is, the [B]non-css [/B]version from DVDFab.net.

You need the the [B]css[/B] app from [B]DVDFab.com[/B]. Click on on the sticky by Fengtao…right here on on the Fab subforum and the link will take you to Fab.com

If you’re interested, here are some details: