DVDFab Translation

Dear Fengtao,

I did download the Trail DVDFab Platinum v3.0.3.0
and discover that there was no Dutch Translation.
So I did Translate the English file into the Dutch file.

The Info is:
Language=Dutch (Netherlands)
LastUpdated=Oct 28, 2006

If you want it to use it in your program, please let me know to what E-mail address I can send it.
It is free, just from me to you.
Feel free to use it in your program, no charge.

Timothy Arens

Sorry I am new here.
And now I know I can send anattachment with this.
So here is the File

You should forward this to Fengtao @DVDIdle.com

Dear Alan1476,

Thank you for his Email address "Fengtao @DVDIdle.com"
I did not know it.