DVDFab to PSP-corrupt data message

I have been trying to convert movies to watch on my psp. I have been randomly successful…and have been able to convert a few things…but I keep getting corrupt data messages when I transfer it over to my psp. I am putting it in the right spot on the card or at least I think I am in the MP_Root folder…and I am letting DVDFab name it…do you think it is my memory card acting screwy???

I used DVDFab to convert a trailer on the Varsity Blues dvd…that copied over fine and played, but when I put the full length movie on…it was corrupt data again…the only difference besides the obvious length difference 2 min to 2 hrs…was that the trailer was 4:3 and the movie was 16:9…Could that have anything to do with it?

I have tried other programs and run across the same problems…corrupt data almost everytime…

I just clicked on psp and used the default settings set up…it was converted to MP_Root and the file name was the typical MV4…
I have firmware 3.30 oe-a

Can someone offer advice. I am very frustrated and would buy a new memory card if anyone thinks that is the problem…I just don’t get it:(

hi, i have the same version of psp as you, and have the same problems as you. did you manage to find a solution?? thanks for your help


Which profile is your using, looks you select profile which support old psp file format ?

please try use profile “psp.h264.firmware3.30+.xml” to try it, the file must be copied to the root\VIDEO folder, not MP_Root folder.

I have not install firmware of OE version, I try all in firmware 3.50, which is no problem.


I am having simiar issues i made the mp4 file and it also made the jpeg, when i transfer to psp the jps goes fine when attempting to move the mp4 it moves it but give a error message and i have restart the usb connection , the file shows up in windows and plays fine, when i try to play on psp shows data corrupted? any ideas i have done smaller videos is there something i am doing wrong?

was this using the new version 4030?

yes i tried it again after d/l the new version. still same stuff. any ideas why i cannot xfer any large file to it without the error messages and stuff?i have tried it thru xp and thru a program called pro media director both do the same thing. smaller files say under 25-30 meg xfer fine movie size files give error messages and i have to recconect the psp to see the memory stick again. then the file shows to be there and i can play it in the computer but not the psp