Dvdfab To Psp Conversion

I have just learnt of DVDFAB Platinum and have just started using it, so please excuse my ignorance. When converting a movie to PSP everything works fine. When I play the movie on my PSP it plays with english subtitles. I must be missing something when I convert the DVD to PSP, Could someone explain to me what I am missing to allow me to stop getting the subtitles

Hi wingnut. You must UNcheck ALL of the subpicture boxes before you click Next. For a look at what the screens should look like (configured for iPod) see this post: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1802180&postcount=15

Thanks very much all works perfectly now. Appreciate your help

Happy to help and glad it is working OK now. This is easy to miss.

Thank you for this info. Exactly my problem, and now fixed!