I need help getting movies on my palm TX. I copyed the movie and now what do I do next to get it on my palm.

You have to drag and drop the movie through Palm’s awful Hot Sync application, where it will be converted to something the TX can play. Hot Sync will reject the file if it is what it thinks is too large or for other reasons that Palm’s support staff can not or will not explain. I have not been able to find a way to dump the movie file directly onto the memory card and have the TX recognize and play it.

Hot Sync is terrible, and I had the same issues. Then I bought Nero Mobile, about $20 US for the download, and no more Hot Sync or audio sync issues. I just rip to PSP and copy or cut and paste the mpeg-4 file directly to the SD card. Works great on my PDA.

Thanks for the tip!.:clap: …What are the characteristics of the MPEG4 file (audio type, video bitrate, screen size etc)? Maybe I can get DVDFab to make me one like it.

As a matter of fact that’s what I use! It’s the native DVDFab PSP rip, and play it with Nero Mobile. I’m not sure how to get you that file information. Tell me how, what I need to get this info?

My mistake, I though Nero Mobile was a file converter; apparently it is a player that you install on the Palm–is that right?

Yeah that’s right. It seems to have more native codecs than Media player on the PDA. You can also play Nero digital files with it which opens up a lot of possibilities.

Well, I am cheap, so I may wait for DVDFab to get something that can be loaded straight onto the card, but it’s good to know there is something out there at a reasonable price. Most of the media players on the Palm website cost more than DVDFab. Thanks again.

If you are really cheap, you can import your PDA rip from DVDFab into Moviemaker (free with your OS) and save the movie to a wmv file directly to your memory card which will play on the native media player on your Palm or pocket pc.

Well, I am really cheap but my TX rejects homemade WMVs. I have tried several (free and paid for) file converters. It’s not as big a deal now that I have an Archos, but I would still like to make it work. Thanks for the suggestion–I may give it another try.