Dvdfab to ipod out of sync


I noticed that dvdfab 03/23/08 created an ipod backup of my dvd that is out of sync. The audio is way ahead of the screen. What could be wrong?

Many thanks


I’m seeing similar issues with h.264 to ipod but just on selected source DVDs. Only a few seem to generate this bug, and a look in Quicktime Pro confirmed that the audio track on these is shorter than the video track. If a title is out of sync, changing to a different audio track (like commentary) won’t change it.

Hare are a few DVDs and titles that have given me this problem:

Casanova (main feature only)
Zathura (main Feature)
The Sentinel (16x9 group of deleted scenes - doesn’t happen with the 4x3 group and the main feature is fine)
An Unfinished life (main feature only)
Requiem for a Dream (not director’s cut version of this DVD - main feature)

It’s clearly a DVDfab bug since the titles play in other DVD players just fine and the audo sync happens regardless of what I use for playback. But while it’s impossible to predict if a title’s going to have a problem, it doesn’t seem to matter what h.264 settings I use–anything derived from that title is out of sync.