DVDFab to iPod -- audio fine but picture 'sticks'

I’m enjoying a free trial of DVDFab and seeing what this baby can do – like rip my fave TV DVDs to my new laptop. I just converted a movie to my daughter’s iPod Classic, 29.97 fps and 128 audio. I got the file down to about 700MB and it looks/sounds great, except for the picture freezing, then stuttering back into sync. What did I do wrong?:doh:

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Umm, my free trial period – which the software makers offer to test their product out – ends on the 31st, though there is a 20% off promotion from DVDFab to purchase by the 20th, which I will be taking advantage of. Thanks for your help!:disagree:

Do some research on the recommended video frame rate (fps) for the portable player.
On my LG VU I lowered the frame rate to stop the same issue you are describing.

Cool – thanks!:smiley: