Dvdfab to dvdshrink

i can copy a movie using dvdfab/free to a file in my documents.
how do i transfer this file to dvdshrink to compress and burn it
to a single disk

thank you

You can open physical DVDs, .ISO images or VIDEO_TS folders with DVD Shrink. Just use the ‘File’ drop-down menu rather than the buttons, since the option for opening an ISO image doesn’t appear amongst the button icons.

i can get to video_ts
do i just hit back-up or somethin else
thank you

Have a look at this guide to using DVD Shrink:


thank you very much

Or this one,
http://www.dvdshrink.info/ good luck!

Also look for more information on DVDFAB on the following:


not trying to sound like a dick :stuck_out_tongue: i dont see where you are going with this, other than a link to download DVDFab Decrypter

this seems very straight forward

Well then don’t. :wink: