DVDFAB to another PC`



Is there a discount for a second key if I wanted to put DVDfab on a 2nd PC or is there a way to transfer it from one PC to another thereby keeping it on one PC only?


You can transfer it. Just make sure you have the key in a safe place that you can copy and paste it. I emailed mine to my gmail account because I do not have a email program on my burning PC. I ordered with the PC that I check almost daily and it has an email program. I then downloaded and installed on the PC that I wanted to use it own. I have also reformatted HD before and reinstalled.

As for discount on 2nd license, I think Signals purchased one for his son so maybe he can tell you. Or email Fengtao.



Hi Mack and Scottp. You’ve got a good memory, Mack! I did buy a second license for my son’s PC, but I think the only discount is if you purchase the multiple licenses at the same time. I paid the same for the second one (actually a little less because of Fengtao’s sale price, which I think is still in effect).