DVDFab through Mac Parallels

DVDFab works GREAT in Parallels Desktop except for one thing…

I have my mac hard drive setup to show up as a networked drive on the XP Virtual Machine. I can copy off and on it with no problems on the VM. However, when I try to open the DVD folder from there, DVDFab crashes with the windows error (not the DVD fab error).

If I put a DVD in the Mac DVD drive or if I have ripped a DVD and it resides on the XP Virtual machine’s hard drive it works great… only when it tries to access the mac drive through the VM network.

Anyone else have this? Is this something that can be fixed?

Is there any additional info I can send so maybe someone can see why it does this?

In the big picture, it’s not a REAL big deal, it just means that I have to copy stuff to the XP Virtual Machine to convert to the PSP then remove when it’s done… just trying to avoid the extra step.

thanks for the help!


Hi Stewie,

You need map network folder as a drive, then open folder from the virtual drive.

Best Regards,


I tried that. Doesn’t work and still crashes.

I tried using the standard Parallels Network share .mac. I tried creating a new share in Paralells but everything crashes DVDFab.

Am I doing something wrong? How do you do it? I am VERY new to MAC so I may definitely be doing something wrong.

NEVER MIND! I figured it out. You can’t use the Parallels shared neteorking network, you have to wait for XP to get around to noticing the “workgroup” and selecing the Mac’s machine name there.

thanks for the help!