DvdFab Takes Long Time to Make 1 .VOB and no time to Make 4 VOB's How Come?

Hello all,

I have noticed that when you burn a dvd to your hard drive DvdFab divides it into 4 VOB files of about a gig in size. You can then burn that onto dvd later which great.

Recently I wanted DvdFab to make just 1 VOB file so I can stream it across my network via a media extender so i can view the video and decide whether I wanted to burn it or not.

However, it seems that DVDFab when you go into custom and set it to make 1 VOB instead of 4 it takes AGES to rip the movie to the hard drive.

Why is this? I am running the latest version of the application.

There is no setting in DVDFab to make 1 VOB inside a VIDEO_TS folder, using the DVD to DVD modes. You can make a single VOB of any movie using VOB Passthrough in DVD to Mobile, but it will not have menus or subtitles or other features of a DVD-Video disc.

Thanks for the reply singal,

Yes that is exactly the situation I am describing. When you make go thru the menus and change the settings to 1 VOB file DvdFab takes forever to rip the movie. If you choose the regular form of ripping which creates 4 vob files its rather quick.

Question is why does DvdFab ake so long when creating 1 VOB file?

I’m not really into the understanding of this but here is what I think
when joining the vob’s into one the pointers to each cell has to go through a re-structure process, of course like I said not real sure just my 2 cents :slight_smile: